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The Hispanic Outreach Taskforce in partnership with the City of Whittier and the Whittier Police Department hosted a Block Party as part of the Serving Our Neighbors (S.O.N.) Program.

Great Success!

Serving Our Neighbors ProjectThe S.O.N project hopes to promote community-organized events that provide resources to families. The block party style of gathering is also a potential form of outreach for agencies that provide services to the community in the form of intervention, prevention and family support by connecting and by going to the target area and making face to face contact with families and neighbors to achieve street level impact. To effectively organize and implement efforts in a strategic manner in which leadership and community involvement can be maximized and noted as a recognizable action implementing the five pillar model and effectively initiating change within the community. Through the Serving Our Neighbors project ( S.O.N.) aims to build the capacity of the Hispanic Outreach Taskforce to be the key convener in efforts to change the nature of how violence is viewed by the public and how the public wants to address the issue. HOT uses four main strategies to create change in the community.


   Click here to download the most recent Southeast Summit Report (8MB PDF).

   S.O.N Project (Walk Events)

Community outreach in targeted areas within a specific timeframe to achieve street level impact and further collaboration of agencies.

Agencies that provide services to the community related to gang intervention, prevention, and family support are connecting with the community by going to the target area and making face to face contact with families and others in a specified neighborhood. The SON project hopes to promote community organized events that also provide resources to families. In addition the block party style of gathering is also a potential form of the outreach and could be used to draw more crowds in which a contact point can be made.

   Neighborhood Gatherings

To Provide Community training and education regarding the “Strategic Model for Reducing Violence.


  •  To Provide a forum of collaboration of community groups such as schools and churches to open up to opportunities for further collaboration and learning to reduce violence within a specific area.

  • To establish a panel of leaders to meet with community members to discuss areas within a neighborhood that need specific attention related to gang activity.

  • To establish a panel of authorities leaders to take action ensuring change and the improvement in areas that have been identified  as issues is complete and followed

   Neighborhood Search

To locate neighborhood groups, individuals and/or agencies that currently exist and are working to make a positive effect on violence and other related issues within a specific area of the community.

Maintain a role of communication with interested groups, individuals, agencies, etc., regarding project advancements, related meetings and scheduled activities.


To organize large scale conferences that gather community leaders and existing organizations that are represented by the strategic model for reducing violence.

Serving Our Neighboars (S.O.N.) Project



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